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Meder Beauty Science is a revolutionary one of a kind cosmeceutical brand developed by a legendary cosmetic expert Dr Tiina Meder in collaboration with a leading Swiss laboratory. These programs are unique, to say the least. The results they demonstrate were previously achieved only by painful invasive therapy, hardware or injection. Meder Beauty Science products and treatments effectively fight skin ageing and aesthetic problems without the unpleasant sensations, risk and skin damage.

Meder Beauty Science’s professional treatments are recognized in 24 countries all over the world. The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors named Meder’s mimic wrinkle correction program, Myo-Fix, a suitable alternative to the injections of botulinum toxin for the patients with contraindications to injection therapy. 



Meder Beauty Science’s formulae is a union of biotechnology and organic plant extracts. The compositions include over 20 biologically active peptides, latest prebiotics, enzymes and over 30 vegetable extracts from all corners of the world, from the Swiss Alps to Thailand. 


Only organic components are used in the manufacture of all products. The air and water purity on the production floor are strictly regulated. All packaging complies with pharmaceutical regulations. The high-tech design protects the precious contents from air contamination and ultraviolet, while also allowing to get a precise dose of product every time and use it up completely. 


All Meder products are protected against counterfeiting. Each bottle is sealed with a metallic strap containing a visual code irreproducible like a fingerprint. Customers can always check the authenticity of the purchased product at the company’s website. Meder Beauty Science is an embodiment of efficacy, safety and highest quality standards.   

MEDER BEAUTY SCIENCE - Key selling points
Key selling points:
  • Meder Beauty Science programs are unique and unsurpassed among non-invasive cosmeceutical rejuvenation and anti-ageing solutions. 


  •  Home skin care range compliments professional skin care, delivering results as lasting as they are stunning.


  • Five professional programs cover all most widespread aesthetic problems, allowing to create an optimal correction course for each client and minimise the costs.



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