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Meder Beauty Science’s professional treatments offer an ideal alternative for clients with contraindications or an aversion to injective treatments and include a complete wrinkle reduction and rejuvenation programme: Myo Fix - the next generation of the internationally acclaimed VAR-FX treatment; Lipo Oval - a solution for non-invasive facial liposculpture to combat changes in facial contour and effectively reduce saggy chins; Arma Lift - a non-invasive filler targeting lines and folds and delivers fast restoration of elasticity and skin tone; Hydra Fill for quenching thirsty skin; and Eu Seb for acne therapy.


Single Dose Principle

  • Full dose of ingredients (50 ml in 45 min);
  • No risk of bacterial contamination;
  • Minimum of preservatives;
  • The highest concentration of active ingredients;
  • Easy application;
  • Very simple stock management;
  • 1 box = 5 treatments.



  • Innovative Peptides
  • Stem Cells and Growth Factors
  • Probiotic Bioecolia
  • Living Bacters
  • Organic Plants
  • Organic Exotic Plants
Professional use only
  • professional