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Meder Beauty Science. Arma-Lift Anti-Age Firming and Regeneration

Arma-Lift is specially designed for age-related changes of the skin, loss of skin tone, static wrinkles and gravitational ptosis of the skin tissues unconnected with weight. It is also a perfect Mother of the Bride’s Facial!

The stem cells and Epidermis Growth Factor stimulate the synthesis of structural proteins of the skin providing the correction of wrinkles, restoration of skin tone and elasticity and preventing the further development of age-related changes. A unique 3-step protocol of skin preparation is used to enable deep penetration of the active ingredients.

After a complete course, the skin’s tone and elasticity are visibly improved, the lines and wrinkles are smoothed, nasolabial folds and gravitational ptosis are reduced. Moisturising and brightening effects are also pronounced, the skin’s texture and complexion are even and radiant.