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Meder Beauty Science. Hydra-Fill Skin Plumping and Deep Hydration

Hydra-Fill treatment conquers the xerosis and dehydration of both upper and deep layers of the skin restoring its barrier properties. It is perfect for skin restoration after a traumatic invasive treatment: dermabrasion, laser and other resurfacing treatments, chemical peels etc.

Hydra-Fill decreases the transepidermal loss of moisture resulting from age-related changes of the skin or skin damage by external factors (over-exposure to the sun, tobacco smoking). It shows good results with couperosis, irritated and reactive skin. It is also a perfrect Bridal Facial!

Hydra-Fill helps restore the balance of both static and dynamic water in epidermal and dermal layers of the skin. Biologically active peptides, tranexamic and thioctic acids, as well as active forms of hyaluronic aids of different molecular weight and glucoronic acid of marine origin are used to restore the moisture levels in the skin.

A unique 3-step protocol of skin preparation is used to enable deep penetration of the active ingredients.

After a complete course, the moisture, elasticity and barrier properties of the skin are restored, wrinkles smoothed out, the skin is visibly calmer and more resistant to external damaging factors. It is also slightly lightened with less capillaries.