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Relieving the Urban Stress!
Relieving the Urban Stress!

November 23, 2016 Strategy M Ltd and Meder Beauty Science held a conference dedicated to the effect of urban life on our skin. 

In the recent years science has come to determine the skin as a nervous immune endocrine skin system meaning that any change in hormonal levels and the exertion of the body’s protective system lead to the development of certain changes in the skin including accelerated ageing. The industrial pollution of air and water affects the skin as well: free radicals, toxins and heavy metal salts can damage the skin directly reducing its natural barrier function and leading to pigmentation and premature wrinkles.   

Dr Tiina Meder talked about the stress and its impact on the body as a whole and on the skin in particular. She described the skin damage caused by contact with polluted air and water: the particulars of the trauma and the means of shielding one's skin from the harmful impact of pollution, stress, cold weather, etc. 

After a short coffee break Dr. George Xynopoulos, MD of MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS UK LTD gave a talk on the changes in vitamin mineral balance common in city dwellers. He offered diagnostics and a review of the tests for vitamin and mineral deficiency. 

Finally, Strategy M's own trainer, Volha Yeliseeva, MD made a presentation of her hands-on experience of the differences in the look and feel of the skin with city dwellers and country folk. 

We were delighted to see our friends and clients there! Many more events and surprises to come in 2017!